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Best Dog Grooming in Riverside NY We feel that owning a pet enriches our lives and makes us happier and healthier. We love our pets and believe that people should love their pets with the same unconditional love their pets give them. However, as pets and their needs can be as unique as the individuals who own them, unconditional love can be a real challenge. Because of this, far too many pets---many "purebred" and from "good homes"---are abandoned to shelters.

Fieldston Pets family of pet care professionals has been serving the community and tri-state area for over thirty-five years, with a goal of ensuring that the family pet remains in his "forever home". We understand that your animal is not just a pet to you; and you and your pet are not just a customer to us.

At Fieldston Pets, we are dedicated to ensuring the health and well-being of your four-legged family member by providing quality, personalized care, customized for your individual needs. And because good grooming is often the first line of defense in a pet's general health and well-being, Fieldston Pets offers a professional grooming salon in Riverdale, Bronx, New York.

 Best Dog Grooming in Riverdale NY

Photo 2 Our master groomer, Meruet, is also a licensed veterinary technician, whose skill and training complement her innate gift for understanding and meeting your pet's individual needs. And because good grooming is an important instrinsic foundation for a happy, healthy pet who is ready, willing and able to be well-trained and to enrich his life and the life of his famiy; an appointment with Meruet will bring out the best in your pet, and allow his natural beauty---inside and out---to shine.

Unmatched in patience and professionalism, Meruet also throws in a little high-end, spa-like pampering---and lots of good, old-fashioned T.L.C. Whether your dog or cat is receiving a soothing bath or a relaxing haircut and styling, Meruet's aim is to make your pet's grooming experience a "pawsitively postive" one on one experience so your pet will be happy when you pick him/her up.

Once your pet is taken care of, feel free to visit our store. We will be happy to advise you on top quality products to choose from to continue your pet's care at home.

If your dog needs house-training, talk to our experienced animal trainer for a program to suit your pet's needs.

We require that your pet has proof of current vaccinations. Salon rates depend upon the condition and size of your pet.

 Pet Training

If your dog has behavioral problems, Bash Dibra, our in-house animal expert can offer his assitance in correcting the problem. Always known for training celebrity dogs and cats, as well as family pets, Bash's compassionate, patient and proven methods of dog training will result in transforming your dog into a happier, more socialized pet.

Before scheduling an appointment with Bash, click on the books below to visit his website where you can order one of his many book or DVD publications on animal training.

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Bash Dibra On TV

 Pet Supplies

Photo 3 Our store offers the finest in dog and cat foods and treats, leashes and collars, training equipment, grooming supplies, food and water bowls, dog and cat toys, bedding, and a classic collection of clothing and protective gear such as coats, sweaters and boots.

Our staff of pet care professionals are ready to assist you, and can advise you on addressing any number of special needs, from the best food for overweight pets, to quality natural products that safely and effectively relieve pet allergies.

 Canine Court

Photo 4 As pet care pioneers in our community, we have always strived to treat each and every one of our animal guests as if they belonged to us---as if they were part of our own family.

Because of our belief that Fieldston Pets' clients---and all the pets and their owners within the community---are part of a larger "pet family", our care and concern for our clients does not end with the last appointment of the day or the final sale before we close up shop. Our dedication is 24/7, and has resulted in many community programs which benefit people and their pets for over thirty-five years.

Canine Court in Van Cortlandt Park, is a living symbol of Fieldston Pets belief in giving back to the community. America's very first pet playground, Canine Court is a green oasis of pastoral pet pastimes that includes an agility course and a custom people/pet water fountain. Safely fenced in within Van Cortlandt Park's rolling fields and forests, Canine Court has been the go-to destination for recreation, socialization and pet-centric events and festivities since 1998.

Canine Court is the cornerstone of Fieldston Pets' mission to ensure that all pets have "forever homes". A safe and inviting sanctuary, Canine Court is a playground for pets, and a meeting place for "pet parents" to exchange ideas, build support systems, and create safety nets for lost, at-risk, or homeless pets. Because pets are our passion and our mission is to ensure that pets who have homes remain in those homes, as well as placing pets who are abandoned to shelters into good homes, Fieldston Pets also offers educational classes, seminars and training sessions.

Canine Court

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